Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. How much do you charge?


Q. Do you take song requests?


Q. How far will you travel?


Q. Our venue does not allow smoke. How will this effect the disco lighting?


Q. Will the DJ properly mix the music?


Q. What is the size of your equipment?


Q. Does the DJ talk on the microphone?


Q. How loud do you play the music? I hope it's not too loud!?


Q. How long do you take to set up?


Q. How will the DJ be dressed?


Q. My venue has a noise limiter. Will you be able to do my show?


Q. Why should we book a disco for our wedding? Why don't we just use an iPod?


Q. Will you be able to do tomorrows party?


Q. Do you hire out equipment?


Q. I'd like to hire a live act as well. Can they hook up to your equipment?


Q. Do you play songs with explicit lyrics?


Q. I can't decide between a live act or a disco?


Q. How do I make a booking?


Q. Do you have all the relevant certificates?


Q. Can you tell us where you are next playing so we can come and have a listen?