Our Equipment

Whatever the occasion or venue, we are fully committed to providing you with the greatest disco experience ever.

To create a great disco, you need the right equipment - high quality and perfectly suited to your venue.

We have a whole range of equipment that can be used to provide discos from anywhere up to 500 guests.

Some of our equipment can even be demonstrated to you beforehand.

Please note, this section is to give you an insight into the equipment we use to provide disco services. At present, we do NOT hire or sell equipment.

  Power Amplifiers
  Speaker Management
  Mixing Consoles
  Studio Effects
  Full House Lighting
  Laser Lighting
  Atmospheric Lighting


  Traktor Pro 2 DJ Software

DJing via a laptop has many advantages over Djing with CD's or Vinyl records:

  • The convenience of not having to carry around a large box of discs, which can get lost or damaged.
  • Finding requested tracks quickly and easily
  • Multi-purpose -> having the facility of being able to display slide shows, videos etc.

  • We use Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2, which is often referred to as the industry standard DJ software across the world.
    We also use Native Instruments dedicated DJ sound cards delivering uncompromising sound quality and clarity.

      Vestax VCI-100 SE

    A good DJ Controller is essential to any digital DJ setup and the VCI-100 is one of the most respected in the industry.
    If you are familiar with the traditional DJ setup of 2 decks and a mixer, basically the VCI-100 combines the same controls into a device approximately the size of a single record deck. An ideal size for us as we like to perform using 2.
    The VCI-100's spinning platters use parts taken from their quality turntables, giving you that genuine vinyl feel often lacking from other dj controllers.


          Logic System

    We carry a good range of speaker tops and bass bins.
    All our speakers are made by Logic System - a British company that manufactures some of the best Pro Audio speakers in the industry.
    Made of birch ply and using high specification components, their performance and reliablity are unmatched.
    They are also very stylish and extremely compact, making them ideal even the most exclusive of venues.
    With systems providing from 1000 watts right up to 3000 watts, Our discos can suit from anywhere up to 500 guests.

    Power Amplifiers

        Chevin & Crown

    Chevin is a very well respected British Amplifier brand. The classic Chevin A-Series amplifier is built in a steel and aluminium housing incorporating lateral Mosfets and the Chevin Power Supply.
    We also use a range of Crown power amplifiers - another well established amplifier brand that has been around for five decades.

    All our amplifiers are extremely reliable and happily run all night and beyond without even blinking, and the volume delivered by the setup is perfectly adequate with plenty left to spare.

    Speaker Management

        DBX DriveRack

    DBX DriveRack PA is the world's most popular loud speaker management system.
    The driverack combines a crossover, feedback supressor, compressor and graphic equalizer in one single unit, making it ideally portable.
    With a graphical display, it is easily configured to get the best sound out of any venue.

    Mixing Console

     Mackie 14 Channel Mixer

    With usage in live performance and recording, mixing boards have become an essential piece of equipment. Mackie dominates this market, and many DJ's and musicians have difficulty imagining life without the company's compact VLZ series of mixers.
    Mackie mixers are made to last - all metal casing, heavy and solid.
    We currently own 2 of these great mixers, and linked together can provide a total of 26 channels.

    Studio Effects

         Lexicon MPX

    Quality reverb and delay effects can provide that desirable studio quality sound - perfect for musical instruments, or for vocal applications such as Karaoke.
    Instead of using cheap FX's often found on sub-standard mixers, Equinox Discos has a dedicated FX unit.
    Lexicon have built a reputation providing professional studio effects. The MPX delivers the latest digital technology, extensive I/O, and intelligently conceived and great-sounding programs.

     DBX Compressor Limiter

    A compressor and limiter are used to smooth uneven levels, tighten up mixes, and protecting equipment.
    This DBX model is a dual-mono or coupled stereo compressor / limiter, as well as containing a limited channel gate functionality.
    The DBX is essential in protecting against power spikes, and can be used to really enhance speech and vocals.


     AKG Wireless Microphones

    Wireless microphones are far more convenient than wired ones, but many lack the same quality.
    Well respected German manufacturer AKG offer the perfect wireless microphone and transmitter. It is not only strong and reliable, it closely matches the performance of many leading wired models.
    The transmitter covers a very large area and each mic will run for 30 hours off a single AA battery, so there is never any chance of you being cut off.

      Shure Microphones

    Shure has produced a vast array of microphones for decades, among which are the well known SM series of dynamic and condenser microphones. The series includes the SM58 (perhaps the most-used microphone worldwide for live vocals).
    Equinox Discos has several Shure model microphones including the legendry SM58.

    Full House Lighting

       Martin EFX Series

    Martin are the market leader in providing high end disco lighting fixtures. Virtually all the top clubs in the world are fitted with Martin lights.

    The Mania EFX is a "full house" light, meaning this is an ideal light for a stunning centrepiece or for larger venues, running in pairs. It has a combined colour and gobo wheel cast from a rotating and swivelling mirror drum. With a number of mounting options, this light is as much at home on a lighting truss as it is in an installation.
    Click here to see a Martin EFX in Action.

       Martin SCX Series

    The Mania SCX600 is a powerful 250 W halogen scanner with the highest quality optical system for maximum light output and true high-definition image quality.

    Separate color and gobo wheels create a multitude of brilliant effects. Included are two interchangeable rotating glass gobos and 5 interchangeable rotating metal gobos along with 9 interchangeable colors and a split color feature for added color capability.
    Click here to see Martin SCX's in Action.

      Acme LED Fixtures

    Using the latest LED Technology and a superior optical system, Acme LEDs produce sharp beams of light. A lightshow like this cannot be produced with traditional halogen lamps.

    Our Acme LED fixtures have a wide beam spread that cover a very large area. They are also sound active with built-in programs.

    Laser Lighting

     Equinox Star Laser

    Bringing a new dimension to cluster style lasers, this 150mW twin colour laser uses a 100mW red and a 50mW green DPSS laser diode to create hypnotic patterns via it's internal effect wheel. As well as starburst and firework effects this unit also produces unique Spiro graph and 3-D type patterns, that will enthral you.

      Lanta Blue Laser

    This blue cluster is one of the best currently available. It projects an ultra wide dispersion of Pure Blue twinkle and line effect laser beams. The powerful 450mW diode is capable of producing an amazing eye catching effect in both dark and light environments.

    Equinox Geometric Laser

    Our seond cluster laser is the new Flip and Fill of the lighting industry, quite literally it FLIPS the geometric shapes and FILLS the venue with a unique and mesmerising coloured light show.

    The laser has many patterns and images that look great with or without fog. It really gives the show a real WOW factor.

     Equinox Scanning Laser

    A micro-stepping motor scanner with extra wide scanning angle produces a laser show with a very wide dispersion.

    This impressive twin laser from Equinox features two colour lasers that produce more than 100 laser patterns and over 300 amazing effects.

    Atmospheric Lighting

          Plasma Laser

    A powerful blue cloud effect LED, mixed with red and green laser beams to create a mesmerising plasma type effects best viewed on flat surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. Unlike standard lasers, it does not require smoke to create the best effect.
    Its unique effect is perfect for setting the mood for slow dances.

        LED Waterwave

    LED Waterwave is equipped with a powerful 10W LED and is a great background effect turning them into a sea of tranquility with its soothing flowing colour combinations.
    Used in combination with mood lighting, the waterwave can really transform a venue.

     LED PARs / Mood Lights

    LED PARs are perfect for providing colour wash. Each PAR is equiped with 100's of coloured LEDs allowing them to be programmed to virtually any colour. Positioning a number of PARs around a venue, they create an impressive mood uplighting effect that completely transforms its look!
    PARs can be set to a static colour, or can be wired and controlled via a controller allowing them to fade between colours.


        Bubble Machine

    Bubbles are extremely popular - especially for kids parties and at weddings.
    Our powerful bubble machine is capable of producing hundreds & hundreds of bubbles a minute.
    Be advised, some venues do not allow bubble machines do be used.
    If allowed, we will only use the bubble machine sparingly if we think the floor is likely to become slippery.

        Smoke Machine

    If you want to make the most of the light show - especially lasers, smoke is a must.
    Our smoke machine has an extremely fast warm-up time and produces an impressive smoke output to provide the perfect atmosphere.
    Used sparingly, smoke can be enjoyed by everyone as the smoke is clean and oderless.
    Be advised, many venues do not allow smoke machines to be used.


         LCD & Plasma

    We offer a range of LCD and Plasma screens that can mounted up high for guests to see.
    Screens can be used for karaoke, or for displaying photo slideshows, presentations or video clips adding a personal touch to your event.

    We also have the facility to connect up to many additional TV's/screens/projectors located in your venue.